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Coronavirus and the environment

The global coronavirus pandemic has revealed cracks in the foundation of conventional conservation funding. What should we do instead?

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Europe’s raptors and fish hit by poaching under lockdown

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An Oil Spill and the Coronavirus Are Creating a Crisis in Ecuador’s Amazon

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Why Coronavirus could lead to more rhino poaching

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South America’s forests

Bolsonaro and beyond: South America is scorching, so what can be done about it?

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Fires still being set in blazing Bolivia 

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No solo arde Brasil: los incendios en Bolivia amenazan a la población y a la vida silvestre

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It’s not just Brazil’s Amazon rainforest that’s ablaze – Bolivian fires are threatening people and wildlife

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Torching Earth’s Lungs: Bolsonaro’s Environmental Policies Set Scene for Catastrophe

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Las elecciones presidenciales en Bolivia marcarán el rumbo ambiental del país

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EU holds the key to stop the ‘Notre Dame of forests’ from burning

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Message to the EU: you have the chance to stop fuelling devastation in the Amazon

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Coping with ecological grief
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What I learned in a year of not flying
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Climate and ecological crises

How to bend the climate curve in 2020

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Carola Rackete and Claire Wordley: Biodiversity Now!

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Not all climate solutions help nature

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Nature is not just nice to have, it sustains our very existence.

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Caring about the climate crisis: not just for girls.

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‘Natural’ gas is not just made up of methane.

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Climate breakdown is not someone else’s problem

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With a rebel yell, scientists cry “no, no, more!”

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We scientists must rise up to prevent the climate crisis. Word’s aren’t enough.

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Climate’s last stand: Why Extinction Rebellion protesters are breaking the law

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It’s Time for Scientists to Rebel and Demand Climate Action
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Finally, a mass movement for nature

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Twinkle, twinkle, little bat

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Why we need to protect bat species

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Go batty with this quiz

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The world of bats: echolocation

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Evidence-based conservation

(for Conservation Evidence)

On a wing and a prayer? Evidence for ways to conserve bats

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Bats about evidence

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Swift starter kits

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What Works in Conservation 2018

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Making the most of conservation science

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Evidence, Experts and Effectiveness

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Monkey business: Building a global database of primate conservation studies

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Giving a monkey’s about primate conservation

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Restoration optimism: Bringing nature back

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Restoration revisited

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Audio: How effective is environmental restoration?

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Keeping lions from livestock — building fences can save lives

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The Evidence Strikes Back — What Works 2017

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Battling the seven-headed hydra: Crassula control in Europe

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Invasion of the swamp monster

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Seeing the wood for the trees

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AEWA Launches New Partnership with Conservation Evidence

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What is Conservation Evidence?

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What works in freshwater conservation?

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The beauty in the bog

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A post-post-truth world: Evidence and conservation in 2017

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What works in conservation?

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Do you know What Works in Conservation?

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